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Domestic Architecture

The domestic architecture services offered by Gerald McCarthy Architects provide houses that suit all types of homeowners. Whether you’re a couple looking to design your first home or a family looking to design your future household, we have a range of options to help you.

For all kinds of domestic architecture units, contact Gerald McCarthy Architects

Single Story House

Single-story houses such as bungalows are perfect for small groups that offer you compact, ground-level, yet spacious and stylish houses.

We go through your concepts for single-story houses before any builds commence, offering you advice and tips on the potential design so that you are completely happy with the finished product.

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Two Story House

For those looking to expand their current living situation to accommodate new family members or just expand their storage space, Gerald McCarthy Architects designs high-quality two-story houses.

Our two-story houses are made using well-sourced materials, and our talented architects oversee all aspects of the design process while taking care of any communication with local authorities and planners.

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Split Level House

The split-level house design is perfect for homeowners who want a distinct layer between their upstairs and downstairs areas. Possible ideas for split-level houses include having an office space downstairs while keeping your upper level as your private living space.

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Domestic Architecture FAQ

  • What kind of domestic architecture do you offer?

    Gerald McCarthy Architects offers a range of domestic architecture such as split-level houses, two-story houses and single-story houses

  • What is the advantage of a split-level house?

    Split-level houses are perfect for those who want a distinct upstairs and downstairs, such as office space and private living area.