For school buildings architecture for all areas, contact Gerald McCarthy Architects

School Buildings Architecture

Gerald McCarthy Architects has the experience and the knowledge of working on the architecture for school buildings and their extensions.

Previously, we have worked on extensions to small rural schools in Cork. Our projects can all be carried out as part of the summer work schemes and emergency work schemes initiative

For architects with experience in school building architecture design, contact Gerald McCarthy Architects

Prefab Buildings

We have taken care of prefab building design for schools and educational buildings in the past.

These prefab buildings are perfect for temporary classroom situations while other construction work is being done, and are made to a high standard to support medium-to-large capacity.

For prefab buildings designed and built to a high standard, contact Gerald McCarthy Architects

Educational Building Design

With our years of experience in educational building design, Gerald McCarthy Architects has acquired the skills for unique rooms that would be essential for schools.

This includes the design and installation of specialist classrooms, for students with disabilities that require extra resources. This can be designed in the form of temporary rooms but also as permanent extensions to your current premises.

For architects that cover all areas of educational building design, contact Gerald McCarthy Architects

School Buildings Architecture FAQ

  • What kind of school building design services do you offer?

    We offer the design of school buildings for any areas and different levels of education

  • What sort of extensions and specialist rooms do you offer?

    We help install prefab buildings as well as specialist rooms for disability purposes.