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Our Services

Our architectural services are a fully involved process, where we take your designs from beginning concepts to completion. Throughout the process, we take care of all communication and submission processes with the planning authorities, ensuring that the project is as smooth as possible.

Our expert architects have years of experience and are ready to offer advice on time and cost for projects, and will gladly help arrange the proper protocols for operations on site.

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Architecture CAD

Our company has access to some of the most modern 3-D Computer Assisted Design (CAD) architecture software. This software allows us to simulate the design of your future property, from concept to completion, while showing you alternative ideas and advice that might help you finalise your dream household.

It can also help simulate a photomontage of different designs if you are unsure of what direction the project should take.

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Building Energy Rating Assessor

Gerald McCarthy Architects are licenced building energy rating assessors and fully registered with SEAI. When you go through our extensive design process, we fully outline the potential energy rating your property would receive and how to help mitigate this rating if necessary.

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Contract Administration

At Gerald McCarthy Architects, we handle all aspects of building contract administration. From the beginning to the end of our extensive and comprehensive design process, our experienced and reliable architects help plan out all aspect of the potential build.

We handle tasks such as fire safety applications to the local authorities as well as being on standby to offer advice on health and safety issues.

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Architectural Services FAQ

  • What is architecture CAD?

    Architecture CAD stands for Computer Assisted Design. This is a software suite that helps visualise and plan your future property.

  • What does contract administration involve?

    Contract administration involves taking care of necessary forms, documentation and applications when constructing a property.